Education Introduction

Education in England & Wales

In the course of relocation one of the most emotive issues can be maintaining the education levels for your children; within this guide we have supplied you with some helpful guidance to the education system within England, whilst also providing details for state and independent schooling for pre-school, primary, secondary and further education facilities within the area.

Please note the education system within Northern Ireland, Wales and particularly Scotland differ to England, below we have supplied some useful links for the education systems within these areas.

Education in England

In the main England & Wales offer two main types of schools:

Non Fee Paying School (State Schools)

The vast majority of students in England attend publicly funded State Schools (which can be referred to as Public Schools in other countries across the globe). In the main the state education system operates an admissions policy based upon where your property is situated and which primary or secondary school catchment area it falls within, and are required to follow a National Curriculum.

Fee Paying Schools (Independent Schools)

There are over 2300 Independent Schools in the UK which are more commonly known as Private or International Schools, fees vary tremendously dependant on which school you select and whether or not you opt for your child to board, these schools follow their own curriculum and run their own admissions policies.

To evaluate the availability of the relevant type of education facility within an area of interest to you please utilise the quick search facility to the left. Firstly select the school type from the drop down menu, followed by the area of interest in the second drop down menu and click the go button. This will subsequently produce the results of the available schools, within the confines of the site’s available information.

For both the Secondary and Primary schools, on selecting a school of choice from the given results we have also provided the relevant link to the website which will provide you with such information as the school website, academic achievements and Ofsted report. Ofsted is the Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills and is responsible for inspecting and regulating care for children and young people, and inspecting education and training for learners of all ages.

To use the quick search facility below select the area requirement from the drop down menu, and click the submit button. This will subsequently produce the results of the available facility, within the confines of the site's available information.

In addition below we have detailed a number of links, ranging from useful tips on selecting a school, through to further websites detailing the Independent Schools Council, the Department for Education contact details and more.

For information about private schools contact
Independent Schools Council
St Vincent House
30 Orange Street
London, WC2H 7HH
Tel: 020 7766 7070

For information about State Education contact
Castleview House
East Lane
Tel:0370 000 2288

Additionally for your perusal we have listed two useful websites below, which in turn offer the facility of searching for schools within the selected areas.