Move Services - Property Prices

A good reference point for average house prices can be found on rightmove which is one of the UK’s leading on-line property search engines.

When you enter the site click on the sold prices tab from the main navigation, following this simply enter any of the postal regions for your town of interest and then select the criteria of interest to you.

The below table details the postal regions for the areas contained within this guide.

Area Postal Sector
Allestree & Darley Abbey DE22 1 DE22 2
Duffield DE56 4
Little Eaton DE21 5
Mickleover DE3 0 DE3 9
Littleover DE23 3 DE23 4
Spondon DE21 7
Chaddesden DE21 6
Oakwood DE21 2 DE21 4
Alvaston DE24 0 DE24 5 DE24 8
Chellaston DE73 5 DE73 6
Sinfin & Allenton DE24 3 DE24 9
Sunnyhill DE23 1 DE23 2
Pear Tree & Normanton DE23 6 DE23 8
Derby City Centre DE1 1 DE1 2 DE1 3
Kingsway DE22 3 DE22 4

Further good reference points are: