Electrical Items

Standard Voltage in the UK

Electricity in the UK is 240 Volt, except in Northern Ireland where it is 220 Volt.

Plug Configuration

Generally homes in the UK will have the 'rectangular blade plug' and adapter plugs are available to fit these.

Electrical supply is very reliable and voltage regulators, surge protectors, and back up generators are not needed unless you have computer equipment or medical equipment that can be sensitive.

It is recommended however, to seek professional advice if you are in any doubt as to whether an appliance is safe to bring to the UK.

General Kitchen Appliances

Consider leaving your large electrical items at home such as cookers, fridges, freezers and washing machines etc, their size may not be compatable with an English home and maintenance required for the transformers needed to run them may be problematic. Most rental properties will come equipped with these appliances anyway.

Televisions, DVD and Blu Ray Players

Televisions do not travel well internationally. Broadcasting systems differ from country to country and they are not always compatible. It is usually simpler to purchase or rent a comparable set in your new location, and the UK has many different manufacturers, prices and sizes available from department stores and out of town retail parks.

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