Pets & Vets

The Department for the Environment Food and Rural Affairs or DEFRA controls the legislations on transporting pets into the UK.

The Pets Travel Scheme or PETS for short is the system that allows pet dogs, cats and ferrets from certain countries to enter the UK without quarantine as long as they meet the rules. To find out more information on bringing your family pets into the UK use the following link, Pet Travel Scheme.

To locate a Veterinary practice close to you visit the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons website and select find a vet from the top menu options.

Pet Insurance

Use the below links to compare Pet Insurance costs and availability in the UK.

Kennels & Catteries

Below are two useful on-line directories to locate Kennels and Catteries throughout the UK.

Or for more general local information sites that may be of use when finding Kennels and Catteries.