Telecoms & Internet

Home Phone

British Telecom or BT is a privatised company which provides 95% of the UK telephone services. To get connected you can either call BT on 0800 800 150 or visit the BT website.

When contacting them to get connected you will require your full home address and if this is your first time in the UK and you have no credit history you may be asked for a deposit or be limited to a maximum call limit.

They provide quarterly itemised billing which can either be sent to your home or paper-free on-line, BT also offer a range of further services from digital television through to broadband and mobile phones.

There are various other companies available when you set up your home phone. Providers include companies such as Virgin Media, Sky and Talk Talk. When selecting a package there are numerous options, please note that with some of the providers you may need a BT line in place.

Directory Services

Number Service
100 Operator services
151 Fault reporting
155 International Operator (International codes)
118 500 BT's directory service (there is a charge for this service)

Service Providers

As with almost everything in the UK this is a competitive market with a number of further service providers so it would be wise to investigate your options before finalising your supplier of choice. The below websites may help.

Mobile Phones

The UK has an extensive Mobile phone and Mobile Broadband network which is highly competitive through a variety of suppliers. We have detailed below some of the major operators in the UK.

But would advise you to take your time and shop around for the best deal and to help you to do this we have provided below a variety of price comparison websites for your use.

Internet Broadband and Cable


Broadband is a high speed connection to the internet, but the service is not available in all areas. The main suppliers of Broadband in the UK are BT and Sky. Please visit their websites to check their coverage in your area.


As well as operating cable television services in the UK, Virgin Media also offer very competitive Broadband Services; visit the Virgin Media website for details of coverage in your area.